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A truly global leader in imparting quality education, IMD is a well-known business school. IMD believes in offering a flexible problem solving approach customized as per the student’s need. It's highly effective programs emphasize on preparing future executives for encountering the real world challenges as a true leader. With an outstanding, dedicated faculty and state-of-the-art facility, IMD is successfully sustaining its global ranking in the MBA league in a remarkable way.

A topper in the MBA League

Located in the beautiful landscape of Switzerland in Europe, IMD finds a place in almost all prominent finance magazines and journals as an outstanding business school. Some of the publications that have crowned IMD as the topper in offering a unique learning environment are the following ones.

  • Economist - This influential publication has ranked IMD, third and tenth in the global rankings as per the survey results carried out in 2011 and 2012. Survey was conducted among various participants and alumni about available career opportunities, scope for personal development and their educational experience along with questions on salary hike and networking potential.

• Forbes - Ranked as first for the best return on investment in any one year program, IMD is setting new benchmarks every year. The ranking was done based on a survey conducted by Forbes among the alumni in 2011.

Leading publications like Financial Times and Business Week also acknowledge IMD as a frontrunner in imparting IMD Management Training Programs with an exceptional brilliance by giving it a global ranking of thirteen and nineteen in their surveys conducted last year.

Learning Methods applied in IMD

Following are the learning methods used to deliver the job-oriented programs to the students.

  • Case studies to offer the students an insight of the real life challenges in business
  • Working on projects with top-notch companies to get a first-hand experience of the industry
  • Participation in selected programs in business administration

Apart from these, the approach is always to encourage team building and equip them with the skills to cope with the cultural differences that usually surfaced while working in any multinational company.




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