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At Images of One, we are committed to seeking, finding and spreading the Wisdom of Life. In fact, the name Images of One represents the concept of understanding the One, Life, Who We Really Are.

But we do so not just for speculative purposes, but for practical application in daily life, and for the thrill and enjoyment of discovering what is new, for expanding, for remembering for moving more into love, abundance, freedom, wisdom, and more!

"Believe Me, I Know Where You Are Coming From And Where You Wish To Go"

"Up until several years ago, I was fairly happy but I was sometimes struggling internally and externally. I wanted this to stop, but didn't know how. I had my dreams, I tried a lot but didn't know how to achieve them. I sometimes felt split and conflicted within, and I didn't know why or how to resolve that. And then I found the art of living. And now, things are great and they just keep getting better and better and better! And better and better and better! AND BETTER! "

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