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Iguana Labs began in 1995. We saw a need for a low cost programmer for 8051 based microcontrollers and created the PG302, our first product. It programs 20 pin versions of the 8051. We soon added the ADT87 for programming the more standard 40 pin versions of the 8051.

Our line of low cost electronic kits began soon after we opened. We decided to use our web site to give away the instructions for the kits for free in the form of electronics tutorials. The tutorials and the kits have gone through many revisions and improvements over the years. Our largest kit, introduced in 2001, is the microcontroller beginner kit. It includes everything needed for a beginner to start from not knowing anything about electronics and progress up through using microcontrollers to make their own custom projects.

Since 1990 we have been working with 8051 based microcontrollers and we have found the Atmel (http://www.atmel.com) line of chips to be the easiest to work with. They were one of the first to make versions of the 8051 with electrically erasable (Flash) memory rather than ultra violet erasable memory (usually called EPROM). EPROM versions require a UV light source to erase the memory and erasing the memory can take 5 to 15 minutes compared to the Flash memory that can be erased and reprogrammed in one step with the erasing taking less than a second.

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