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About IAYC

Every summer the International Astronomical Youth Camp (IAYC) takes place somewhere in Europe. About seventy people from many different countries live together for three weeks. They are aged between 16 and 24 years old and share the same interest: astronomy. The IAYC is different from most astronomical camps for two reasons: the international character and the fact that you will do your own small research project, not just accepting facts but rather discovering them yourself. The IAYC is also not like a hotel where you follow a summer school or an astronomy course. Every participant with his or her own cultural background forms an important piece in the complex puzzle of camp life. As an IAYC participant, the success of the camp depends on your contribution.

IWA : the organisation behind the IAYCs

The IAYCs are organised by an international team of students and young scientists. They all started as participants in IAYCs and then joined IWA e.V., the association that has been organising these camps for more than two decades. It must be stressed that we do not have any commercial interest in organising the IAYCs. All IAYC leaders are volunteers. However, our team has a great deal of experience in organising these camps.

Participants in the IAYCs

To participate in the IAYC you must be between 16 and 24 years old. You also have to be able to communicate in English. We use English as the common camp language, not only during the activities in the working groups and the non-astronomical programme, but throughout the entire camp. The aim of this is to discourage people from the same country or language group from spending all their time together. IAYC offers you a great opportunity to make friends from other countries and it would be a pity to waste that opportunity. Your English need not be perfect but you should be able to have a normal conversation without a dictionary.

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