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What matters most? Every parent knows the answer: my children. This universal response inspires Parents' Action for Children. We are the voice of America's parents: a national, non-partisan, non-profit organization of parents working to translate our love of our children into a powerful force for policies essential to their success.

Together, we are working to build a bipartisan, pro-family agenda in every state and in Washington, DC. We fight to ensure that all children have access to excellent health care and that our schools and communities promote good nutrition and physically active lifestyles. We believe that quality, affordable early childhood education and after-school programs should be available across the country. We insist that parents have a voice in combating negative messages that pervade our kids' media-saturated world. And we feel that workplace and economic policies should support strong families and healthy children

As parents and advocates, we feel parents perform the country's most important work, and that our needs and the needs of our children should be national priorities. Sadly, that is not the case today. Unlike most industrialized countries, the United States has no coherent, comprehensive set of policies that address the needs of children and families. In a country with 65 million parents and much rhetoric about the value of family, there is no reason any child should have to skip seeing a doctor because her parents can't afford it, or be left home alone due to a lack of child care options.

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