I Demand The Sum of 1 Billion Dollars!

I Demand The Sum of 1 Billion Dollars!

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Theme description

This is based on our annual theme of Austin Powers' Dr. Evil's demand for $1b (our BHAG is saving $1b in taxpayer money). Here's the challenge: Your goal, should you choose to accept it, is to find three DEFENSIBLE existing savings to taxpayers that are related to our work.

You should have done the research to determine what the cost of the replaced item was and, where applicable, determine the cost of the replacement item.

For example, the cost of processing a piece of paper (Paperwork reduction) is $9,000, we got it down to $.09/page; the cost of an administrator at a certain level (Saved administrative costs) is $100k/yr, our work eliminated the position; the cost of specific processes (Improved efficiency in process) are $2,000,000, our work made the process cost only $1,000,000; or the cost of different types of errors (Savings due to improved accuracy) are $50/error for 500 errors/yr, our work eliminated any possibility of error.

This is a COMPANY goal, which means you should make sure your coworkers contribute as much as you do! Only by pulling together will we all get the reward.

The reward is an RFID-proof wallet (effectively, a Faraday cage) (available in black, red, tan, and pink(!)) containing a Spy Museum gift card.

Now get to it! A BILLION DOLLARS won't make itself!

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