Real Connections, Real Community

People and organizations no sooner start to take you seriously, as when you act with responsibility as a real person. Using your real name, backed up by things like your picture and interests, makes real world interactions in culture, politics and business possible, realistic, effective and useful.

Is a person more likely to join a community online, if they see that there are real people involved? Are they less likely to participate in an online community with characters like RedDog88, Snivelcritter, etc?


Professionalism, trust, and community all emerge, when real people are involved, standing behind their work. Using your real name substantiates your commitment to transparency and allows others to better collaborate with you. It also creates a greater investment in your work.

Using a real name, however, is not a requirement for participation -- look around, get your bearings, and once you come to know the vibrant, trusting community at AboutUs, make the switch.

You'll see many of our community members making posts, edits and suggestion using their real names. We encourage you to do the same.

Connecting to the Core

RealPeople is central to our mission at AboutUs of connecting people and organizations and it provides a vital component to our Core of values. The openness of RealPeople requires a trust in the community that arises only when you AssumeGoodFaith. It is also helps catalyze the communication necessary to creating a consensus, a vital part of the communal work of ItsAboutUs. Using real names also helps the effort to BeABuilder because it allows community members to recognize each others' accomplishments and reward and recognize each other.

Other Communities that also Prefer RealPeople

Okay! Switch Me!

I'd like to switch to my real name but my account is already using a Pseudonym. Please switch me to my real name:

Spread the Word

The following list of folks understand and practice the WikiWayLesson described on this page. Furthermore, they are actively propagating the RealPeople Meme by adding {{Badge:IPreferRealPeople}} to their PersonalPage.

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