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IOPO - Indiana Organ Donation Organization


Indiana Organ Procurement Organization (IOPO) is a nonprofit health service dedicated to advancing organ, tissue, and eye donation throughout Indiana. IOPO has regional offices in Fort Wayne, South Bend, Evansville and Indianapolis to serve the people of Indiana and more than 130 Indiana hospitals. IOPO is the link between people waiting for a transplant and potential donors. IOPO coordinates organ donation with UNOS, Indiana donor families, the transplant teams, the donor and recipient hospitals and recipient families. Since our founding in 1988, IOPO has served as a conduit for nearly 3,000 organ transplants in Indiana.

In Indiana, transplants are performed at Lutheran Hospital of Indiana in Fort Wayne, Clarian Health (Methodist, IU, Riley) in Indianapolis, and St. Vincent Hospital and Health Services in Indianapolis. Transplant teams and tissue recovery teams travel to hospitals statewide to perform donor procedures.

Donation procedures are complex, especially with organs that must be transplanted within hours. Coordination can entail more than 100 phone calls to take care of notification, scheduling, and transportation. IOPO has special teams that take care of all these details.

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