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IMS - Integrated Medical Systems International, Inc.


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Because it's always someone's loved one on the table.
IMS provides instrument restoration and customized solutions to ensure that instruments are ready when the surgical team is ready. Healthcare facilities partner with IMS for end to end solutions including surgical instrument repair and education, central sterile process management, customized support and management, products, and software. The InstrumentReady™ approach utilizes an experienced team to evaluate institution requirements and design customized solutions, which can take on a combination of one to three forms of engagement. With the right combination for your facility, that's being InstrumentReady™.
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IMS offers on-site support services to hospitals, including central sterile process management and surgical endoscopy solutions. Instrument repair and education services including rigid and flexible endoscopes, minimally invasive instruments, stainless equipment. Product sales of procedure carts, monitors, certified pre-owned equipment, and tracking software for trays and tissue.

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