Mocking pop culture and whatever else we can get our grubby hands on.

Bio Info: A descendant of descendants, -RoG- has ascended to the world wide web to spread the joys of making complete mockeries of other people, fads, scenes, and various helpless inanimate objects. He's also big into toys, 80's nostalgia, cheesy movies, video games, and blue food products such as Boo Berry.

Bio Info: When he's not busy putting his lightning gun in water, Dr. Boogie can be found stealing coins from the fountain in the mall. When in danger, he can cast Cloudkill on anyone nearby with the flip of his wrist. A miniature giant space hamster briefly captured him, but his quick thinking and synchronized swimming skills helped him defeat all of Greece. Where's the beef, well I'll tell you. Trombone pleasantry? You shall taste the sweet dish of my wrath! Kamehameha!!!

Bio Info: Protoclown used to be a part of the Intergalactic Circus of Freaks and Misfits (or ICOFAM for short) where he was beaten and abused on a daily basis, living each tortured day in the confines of a small plastic bubble. He vowed to escape, and rain pain down among all those who jeered and poked at him during his imprisonment. Then one day, Mr. Mockery came to him with the promise of a bright and cynical future, and freedom from his plastic prison. The only condition, said Mr. Mockery, was that Protoclown must help him create and maintain an enduring reign of chaos and terror upon humanity, driving fear into the hearts of the weak, and driving joy into the hearts of the bastards. "Hell", Protoclown said, he was going to do that anyway. So thus it was that Protoclown was freed, and there was much rejoicing.

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