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Born out of frustration and the need for the latest news, Hypebeast has grown from a small internet blog into an industry stand piece. Started in January 2005 by Canadian resident Kevin, Hypebeast was an idea brought about from frustration in having to scour the net for hours on end in order to get the latest in street wear news.

From that Hypebeast was born. Boosting a large audience base and loyal fans Hypebeast has expanded into one of the best resources of information for the street wear market. Hypebeast has no definitive audience base but appeals to the great majority, reflecting the diverse and multicultural scene in street wear.

With expansion came the need for Hypebeast to grow. Along with a new website Hypebeast also welcomed an international team of bloggers who have continued to develop the Hypebeast module. Each blogger brings with them links with industry movers-and-shakers, allowing Hypebeast to have the most exclusive info from all around the world.

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