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Hydraform manufactures and sells hydraulic block machines for onsite production of interlocking dry stacking soil-cement blocks.

Hydraform specializes in Compressed Earth Block Technology which facilitates the production of high quality, cost effective interlocking building blocks. Blocks are produced with local soil (laterite) and 5-10% cement. Minimal mortar is used thus lowering building costs significantly.

Hydraform has been manufacturing block machines for over 20 years; this means that through extensive and continuing research we have produced some of the most reliable and robust building machinery available to the world market today.

Hydraform also manufactures a range of conventional construction machinery to complement their block-making machine range and is branded Vibraform. The Vibraform machines produce a wide range of bricks: from paving bricks, hollow cement blocks to retaining wall blocks. Hydraform also supplies pan mixers, soil crushers, vibratory sieving machines and a full range of tools for your block yard set-up.

The Hydraform building systems are extremely popular worldwide and can be found in over 50 different countries, with in excess of 2500 machines already sold. The Hydraform Group - 20 years of exporting blockmaking machines and innovation of building systems. Hydraform’s core focus is supplying building systems ranging from residential housing to commercial buildings anywhere in the world.

In 1988, with the objective of developing a cost effective building system for the developing world, Hydraform was established. Today, close on 100 people are employed in South Africa in the manufacturing of the machines, training, office administration, construction, building materials supply and property development.

The Hydraform building system and machines are used in over 50 countries worldwide. The company produces two ranges of block and brick machines, The VIBRAFORM range and the HYDRAFORM range.

The Hydraform machines are mobile and are used to make solid blocks with local soil anywhere in the world. The blocks produced by the patented Hydraform machines are interlocking, dry stacked and unique to the company.

HYDRAFORM M7MI, Mobile Block Machine

The Vibraform machines can make a range of cement products; from paving bricks, hollow cement blocks to retaining wall blocks. These products are more conventional and well known in the construction industry.

VIBRAFORM V3SE brick machine

The company also manufactures and supplies pan mixers either electrically driven or mobile diesel, soil crushers, vibratory sieving machines and a full range of tools for your block yard set-up.

Worldwide construction projects: More than 2500 machines have been sold into over 50 countries worldwide on 6 continents. Tens of thousands of buildings have been built worldwide using the Hydraform Building System, ranging from low cost dwellings to multi storey luxury houses, schools, mass housing developments and offices. The building system has been used by NGO’s, Governments, Private investors, Developers, International agencies, Mining houses and Entrepreneurs.

The Hydraform Building System is essentially a LEGO style building block. The Hydraform block is made by a Hydraform machine and each block is laid on top of each other without the need for mortar between blocks, the blocks are mostly dry-stacked. The Hydraform interlocking block is made of local soil and as little as 5% cement, cured over a period of seven days. Building with the Hydraform blocks is easy and simple where unskilled labour can be used in both the construction and block making. The simplicity of the Hydraform system has led it to being used on projects worldwide where skills shortages and employment creation are key factors.

The Hydraform Building System is of a high quality and complies with the South African National Building Regulations. The system has been granted an Agrément Certificate (No. 96/237). The subsidiary company of the group is also NHBRC compliant. The building system has been extensively tested for both use in South Africa s well as world wide.

Earthquake Resistant Structures: Through extensive research and development in conjunction with Wits University, the modified Hydraform Earthquake Resistant building system has been tested and designed to be used in earthquake regions. During full scale earthquake testing the building system has been able to withstand over 7 Richter scale earthquake intensities, a world first for dry-stacked masonry. The earthquake resistant system was developed for earthquake regions in Asia, South and North America. There are several projects using Hydraform in disaster rehabilitation projects, such as part of a 10,000 house project in Gujarat India.

Benefits for the user of The Hydraform Building System including: Substantial Cost savings in block making and construction. Freely available subsoil is used as the raw material. Hydraform blocks do not require costly burning. Transport costs are low since block production takes place on site. Unskilled labour can be trained in block making as well as construction.

Environmental Friendliness - A major feature of the Hydraform blocks is that it is produced under high compression from subsoil, without the need for the wood, gas or coal to burn bricks. Hydraform Interlocking Dry-Stacked Face Brick work has less than one third the embodied energy and resultant CO2 content than fired clay face or clay stock brick work. This results in the Hydraform blocks having a lower embodied energy content than clay fired bricks, resulting in a lower CO2 footprint making the Hydraform blocks more desirable for Green Projects.

Attractive, face-brick finishes is achieved with Hydraform blocks in a variety of natural colours derived from the soil found at individual sites. The interior walls may be plastered, painted or sealed.

Training – Hydraform offers training worldwide. Full training in block production and building methods is provided on site with all the technical assistance when needed and wherever needed.

Hydraform since its inception in 1988 has never stood still. The company is constantly innovating to find new and better ways of manufacturing blocks and bricks, especially dry-staked blocks. The company welcomes new ideas through the employment of young engineers with a vision for innovative building systems and brick making machines. International patents have also been secured, protecting the company’s intellectual property.

International Marketing and Sales: Hydraform though its international exporting arm has a network of thousands of clients worldwide. The company also has agents and distributors strategically located in Southern Africa, West Africa, East Africa, South America, Central America, Asia, Parts of Eastern Europe as well as Australia. Through this diverse network the company is currently seeking opportunities to exploit this network by introducing other well made South African products into its network worldwide. The company has over 20 years experience in exports with professional well equipped sales, marketing and export teams ready to do business wherever it takes the company. Hydraform has an in depth understanding and knowledge of doing business in Africa as well as the developing markets of the world. The company is looking towards an Alt-Ex listing in the near future, jointly with a synergetic company or alone.[[Category:]]

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