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Hunting Information Systems was created to serve as an on-line guide for hunters to hunting-related services and trip planning information for hunting around the world. Whereas many commercial outdoors sites on the Web have practically everything under the sun in their site, we do not. We do not claim, as others do, that we are the biggest and best hunting site on the Web. Only you can decide what you consider to be a good site, with useful information. We believe that our site presents a wealth of information on a wide range of hunting subjects - and we are adding more information all the time. We want this site to be fun and entertaining for you, but more than that, we want it to be useful to you. We're not trying to make a big name for ourselves, or turn ourselves into hunting "celebrities", we're just trying to offer you a place to obtain lots of useful information about hunting.

We did not work for some prestigious Web advertising firm and then decide to make this hunting Web site. We were hunters who saw the potential of the Internet as an information sharing tool. As hunters, we know what interests us about hunting and we hope that the same things interest you. You will not find anything at this site that is not somehow hunting-related, whether it be a business advertising with us or an article. Also, we consider very much the right to keep and bear arms to be hunting related. Take your time and have a good look through our site - we hope you come back often. We've been fortunate enough to experience some "hunts of a lifetime" and we want to give you the information to help you do the same. By the way, before you leave please fill out our User Survey so we can know what you think and how you would suggest we can improve our site.



Hunting Information Systems
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Hunting Information Systems
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