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At Highline, we take our mission statement seriously. We expect high levels of achievement from every student, and we are committed to finding ways to help every child overcome obstacles to learning.

In 2002, Highline embarked on an aggressive literacy initiative. Since then, the district’s primary focus has been literacy for every child at every grade level. The literacy program includes individualized assessment for each student, and the use of reading specialists working directly with children, and reading coaches who work with teachers to structure classroom instruction to meet the needs of the diverse student population. We are providing extensive professional development for teachers in order to improve instruction, and giving struggling students extended opportunities for instruction after school and during the school day. Reading is the foundation for all learning. Our goal is to have every student reading at or above grade level, and we are determined to reach it.

Our four comprehensive high schools are beginning the process of transformation from traditional high schools to small learning communities. To date, Highline has received $2.7 million in grants from the US Department of Education and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to fund the conversion to small schools. Aviation High School, a small thematic high school, is in its first year and will recruit 100 new students for the next three years to reach a total student population of 400 students. Click here to learn more about Aviation High School.

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