How to change CamelCaseCapitalization

Article Capitalization

When creates a page about a website it tries to convert the domain name into upper and lower case automatically (i.e. CamelCase) to make it easier to read the words that make it up. Since it happened automatically, sometimes the capitalization is off. For example, it might capitalize like instead of

Fixing the Problem

FixCapitalizationSnapshot.png easy, but you need to be signed in to do so. Once you are signed in, click the "more" option to the left of the search bar, and then click "Fix capitalization".

Make your changes and then click "Fix capitalization" to save your change.

(For extra credit* enter [[FixName]] in the edit summary so others can learn why you've made the change by clicking that link to this page.)

Don't see "Fix capitalization"?

  • Make sure you're signed in.
  • If you need more help please contact us.


For the sake of consistency, these conventions are preferred:

  • Most pages here are DomainPages in the format of Example.tld
  • Using all caps (or all lowercase) makes it harder to read.
  • No need to add 'www.' or 'http://' or both 'http://www.' in front of the domain name
  • the tld (.com, .net, .org, etc.) is most often lowercase

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