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Some of our members have been running their successful hostels for twenty years or more. Thanks to them and to those who have more recently created their own newer hostels the spirit of independent hostelling in Scotland is very much alive and well. Click here for a full list of all our member hostels.

Each year more and more people, young and old, from all parts of the globe, stay with us and report very happily on how warmly they were welcomed and how so much was done to make their stay a good one. Almost without fail, visitors comment on the individuality of the hostels, of how there is something in each which is hugely attractive and memorable. To crown the compliments we are told that we offer tremendous value for money. Perhaps this is why a very considerable number of our hostel visitors have come to us on the recommendation of a friend or are themselves making a return visit.

On the rare occasion when a visitor has been disappointed both the hostel owner and SIH have sought genuinely to address the problem to the satisfaction of the visitor.

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