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Log Cabins

Log / Timber cabins, garden offices, and buildings.

Founded in 1985, Hortons are well established and respected timber buildings company in the quality timber building sector, being able to manufacture log cabins, log houses, portable buildings, children's playhouses, rustic cabins, wooden cabins, timber houses and homes, timber garages, concrete or wooden garages, etc.Tel: 01293 822 722 Redhill, Surrey, UK.

Log Cabins For Sale

Our custom build range of log cabins that can be of any size, single- or two-story timber-framed building or log home.


We can supply and install many standard range of timber and wooden buildings that you can choose from, such as Log Cabins, Garden Offices, Wooden Garden Rooms, etc., or we can manufacture to our customers' specifications.

Clockhouse Log Cabin

Double Glazed Log Cabin: (Clock House Log Cabin) one of our featured cabins always in stock.


These cabins are installed by our specially trained installers who are skilled in all aspects of log cabin installations, including decking and roof finishes.

Twin Skin Log Cabins

TWINSKIN CABINS (Double Skin) Insulated Cabin. NEW to the UK


The unique TWINSKIN 55 log cabin measures a generous 5.0m x 5.0m INTERNALLY (most log cabin sizes are quoted using the length of the logs used to make the walls, which includes the corner joints - losing up to 170mm for each corner) .

Each wall is made up of TWO layers of 45mm logs separated by a 50mm cavity (as shown in the picture with a measuring tape held over it), making a total wall thickness of 140mm, this can then be filled with a variety of insulation materials (which we can supply with the building, if required), giving you the option to upgrade even further, at very little cost, to a building that can far surpass the regulations required for thermal values for a mobile home. All walls have threaded rods running vertically through and so bolting the whole structure tightly together.


The 140mm WINTERISED TWINSKIN cabin is a quality cabin designed for all year round usage, ensuring that "the elements stay out!"

The TWINSKIN cavity can be utilized to run fireproof conduit throughout to house those ugly loose wires, plus, with the unique twin skin design, you are able to hide away also those unsightly water pipes. At no extra charge, we will gladly sink designated holes into the unique twin skin inner wall for switches and sockets.

The TWINSKIN 55 is supplied with 3 double-glazed double windows and double-glazed double doors.

The unique TWINSKIN roof system consists of a two-layer construction, one for strength and the second for thermal insulation values. The outer section being 28mm t&g boarding and the inner 19mm easy to fit panelling system (as shown in one of the photographs) unique to our TWINSKIN design, leaving a 100mm cavity suitable for insulation - it couldn't be easier, we've done all of the work work for you!!

The TWINSKIN floor is supplied with 28mm tongue & grooved boarding supported by 70mm impregnated joists, which again allows insulation to be fitted under the floor.


We do not use finger jointed materials in any of our buildings, unlike other companies advertising on eBay for two main reasons:

There is a tendency for the glue to come unstuck in direct sunlight.

It is impossible to use wood preservatives on glued timber joints.

So be advised - ask about this before buying any cabin!

We actually have cabins on display in our showground near Gatwick, so you can come and see what they're really like. If you need to know any technical information, please let us know, and we will be able to help. It may also be worth bearing in mind that a lot of companies selling these types of buildings just do so from a back room in their house and probably haven't ever built/installed one themselves - if you come to us, you get the experience and expertise together with a fantasic price as well!

Supplied in kit form, all timbers are cut to size and premachined for perfect joints and are ready to be assembled in a matter of hours. There is no technical know-how required, as all the walls just interlock together and just nails and screws to fit the roof and floor.

All timber is kiln-dried, but not treated, and ideally should be painted as soon as possible, either before or after installation.

Unlike other log cabin companies, our standard price includes green mineral felt, local delivery (delivery area map available to view on our website), and VA.

Insulated Log Cabins

We can also offer fully insulated cabins [roof, walls & floor] for comfortable all year round use, these are called the "Twinskin" range, that offer fantastic insulation values which are better than a mobile home, for instance. We can currently offer four different styles [please see Twinskin Cabin pages for details].


For Log Cabins and Garden Offices: Contact Keith Lynch on: 01293 822 722

Hortons Portable Buildings Unit 4, Heath Business Centre Salfords Business Estate, 18 Bonehurst Road, Salfords, Redhill Surrey RH1 5EN


Garden offices including log cabins, timber-framed buildings, summerhouses, and timber workshops.

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Featured on 20 May 2007

Featured Text -- There is something about log cabins as an image of rustic life, whether it's on a weekend getaway or as your year-around abode. Thanks to modern technology though, the rustic life doesn't require weeks of pain-staking labor and clearing of timber for planks. In a nod to the manufactured home style of building, the internet has begun to flourish with do-it-yourself kits and pre-manufactured cabins. In England, one such business is Hortons Portable Buildings, which offers a wide range of timber and wooden buildings including log cabins and houses, portable buildings, children's playhouses, garages and more. Included on their WikiPage, Hortons-PortableBuildings.co.uk has some pictures of their buildings as well as a demonstration of their "Winterised Twinskin" insulation that allows for cabins so equipped to be used year round. With delivery available in England and Ireland, their buildings are supplied in kit form with all timbers cut to size and pre-machined for perfect joints and ready to be assembled in hours with little technical knowledge required.

Hortons Portable Buildings

Having read the Wiki page of Hortons regarding log cabins, I visited the site and found it to be a very informative site. The Twinskin idea of constructing a cabin seems to be a leap forward in log cabin technology, combining modern housebuilding techniques with a much older way of building. It seems to the same priniple as double glazing a window but just for the whole building- very clever! The cavity break gives an insulation wall equivalent to more than double the actual thickness of the wall.

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