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The weather on the Mendocino Coast is generally mild, rarely rising above 80 degrees F., even in the summer. When the fog rolls in, it can be chilly enough for winter weight jackets, scarves, and riding gloves. Although rain is rare during summer months, anything is possible, and guests on longer rides should bring full rain gear in order to assure sunshine. Sunglasses are advised to shield the eyes from both glare and dust. Winter rarely sees snow, and non-rainy days are usually sunny and lovely. The trails remain safe.

Owner/manager Lari Shea has been a riding instructor for 25 years, and our staff also includes many accomplished horsefolks who are good at sharing their knowledge. We have some terrific horses who are both fit and sensible, good for taking novice riders safely on the trail, and yet willing to keep up with horses more suitable for advanced riders. Many of our horses have won high placings at numerous endurance races and dressage/horse shows.

Riders are welcome to bring their own saddles. Please indicate the style, size, and brand name of your saddle if you do so. In order that we can best match you with a suitable horse, please send a detailed description of your riding experience, current riding situation, preference for type of horse, and your height, age, and weight.

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