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In January 1992, the International Academy of Homeopathy and the Toronto Homeopathic Clinic introduced the first Homeopathic Practitioner programme in Canada. The programme was established in order to meet the growing need for qualified practitioners taught according to the principles of classical homeopathy. Since its inception, the College has trained doctors, varied health care practitioners and others in the theory and practice of classical homeopathy.

In 1995, the Homeopathic College of Canada (HCC) was founded as a non-profit educational institution. The College's objectives are to establish the homeopathic profession in Canada and to foster continuing education and research in the field of homeopathic medicine. The HCC will continue to teach and promote education and research in homeopathy throughout the world, to establish higher educational standards and quality care through homeopathic medicine and other adjunctive complementary approaches. Increased public awareness and the demand for accessible and effective health care have meant that the HCC has grown dramatically over the last few years.




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Homeopathic College of Canada
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