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Meenakshi Bhargava, Ph.D, specializes in giving care to people suffering from allergies, skin disorders, chronic diseases, and other illnesses for which the conventional medicine does not offer a permanent or non-toxic cure. She has several years of medical education in homeopathy and has practiced homeopathy in India and, for last five years in Los Gatos, California. Her patients include both adults and children.

Homeopathy is found to be very effective in treatment of various allergies, skin disorders and other chronic diseases as homeopathy involves stimulating the immune system and utilizing body’s own natural healing process. Not only homeopathy avoids harmful side effects of conventional medicine the relief from homeopathic remedies is also more permanent and long lasting.

This does not mean that conventional medicine is not effective or useful. In fact, there are many diseases where conventional medicine, in spite of its side effects, is considered to be more useful. A few examples of such illnesses are chronic heart conditions, genetic disorders, breast cancer, diabetes, and illnesses that require surgical treatment. Furthermore, in many cases, proper nutrition, diet and exercise play an equal or greater role in overall treatment of a patient, whether the person is taking homeopathic remedy, conventional medicine, or other alternate medical treatments.

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Dr. Meenakshi Bhargava
United States 95032-2551
(408) 358-2225


Dr. Meenakshi Bhargava
Los Gatos CA
United States 95032

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