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Rupert Allinson - Managing Director

Personally I work from a 'Home Office' at the end of my garden and not only do I benefit from a less stressful life, but I also get to see more of my young family whilst not sacrificing one of our bedrooms to an office. For me, one of the great advantages is that whilst I am in my 'Home Office' my mindset is work yet once I leave for the evening, I do not take work home with me.

There are many pros to working from home most of which are well known and several of which you have no doubt already considered. Some of the most obvious benefits are environmental (less commuting = less pollution) and as a company it is our policy to be as environmentally responsible as possible. It is for this reason that we have gone to such lengths to optimise the insulation properties of our buildings; little differences like the inclusion of Eco (K) glass make a big impression on thermal values. This is also the primary consideration in sourcing all of our timber. We only use timber and suppliers accredited with the FSC certification thus ensuring that it too is truly environmentally friendly.

Whatever you choose to do in your 'Home Office' and wherever it is sited, our choice of materials will maintain your comfort all year round.

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