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The Hall Of Heroes website was launched on July 26, 1998 by Doug Sterner, a two tour Vietnam Veteran who returned to college to learn about computers after a successful real estate career . In the first two years of the site's presence on the web Doug worked hard to amass some 12,000 individual screens (when printed it would take more than 50,000 sheets of paper). For two years Doug hosted his site at Geocities which initially offered free space until he began exceeding their 20 meg limit after which he was paying all hosting and other fees personally and working hard to make the Hall Of Heroes a premier site on the Internet, all for no person gain or profit but simply because of his great patriotism and sense of appreciation for our American Heroes. Throughout the period his wife Pam became crucial to his efforts, both in terms of moral support and in working hard at her own job to make it possible for Doug to devote the time necessary (often 20 hours a day/7days a week), to build his dream.

As the site has grown, Doug and Pam continued to give it their best efforts. Medal of Honor recipient friend Peter Lemon became crucial in both financial and moral support in the first years, as did Doug's friend Gene Harrison who personally invested several thousand dollars to keep this site going.

With more than twelve million hits a month, HomeOfHeroes.com is now a major Internet attraction. We've had many offers from commercial sites for turning it into a money-generating project, but that is NOT our intent. Last year we began offering a limited about of advertising for "Official Sponsors" which you will see at the bottom of each page.

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