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"If devotion to one's country amounts to a sin, I admit I have committed that sin. If it is meritorious, I humbly claim the merit thereof. I fully and confidently believe that if there be any other court of justice beyond the one founded by the mortals, my act will not be taken as unjust. If after the death there be no such place to reach or to go, there is nothing to be said. I have resorted to the action I did purely for the benefit of the humanity. I do say that my shots were fired at the person (Mohandas Ghandhi) whose policy and action had brought rack and ruin and destruction to lakhs of Hindus." - Shri Nathuram Godse

Hinduism is on the attack from three main groups and each is as dangerous as the other. Firstly , the Christians have an upper hand on us with the economies under their control, secondly the petro-dollars in the hands of the Muslims and thirdly, from within us, the Hindus who either falsely or for some ulterior motives believe that Hinduism can survive the onslaught in modern times as it has in the past. In times when the Christians have openly taken on the task of harvesting us to Christianity, the Muslims with their Jihad and the pseudo secularists, who will stop at nothing, the gravity of the situation will have to be realized now or the very survival of Hinduism is at risk. Join us free, together we can make the difference and fight as one.

From the beginning of the creation Bharatvarsha known by the name of Aryavarta and Hindusthan has been the birthplace of Hindu race and its ancestors. In the ancient history of the world, the glory of this world famous, Indivisible, sovereign Aryavarta spread over from Himalayas to the seas is clearly mentioned. It is an undisputed and self-evident Arya Rashtra or Hindu Rashtra duly supported geographically.

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