HelloPeter.com - Report and read reviews of good and bad customer service

HelloPeter.com - Report Good and Bad Customer Service

HelloPeter.com is an online customer service site. Consumers can register and write a report on any company's customer service, whether good or bad. At HelloPeter.com, buyers or consumers can report how they were treated by the supplier of any products or services, for free. HelloPeter.com aims to improve the level of service provided by companies to their customers.

HelloPeter.com - Respond To Your Customers

Companies can also use HelloPeter.com by subscribing and being notified of any reports a customer of theirs makes. Suppliers of products and services can interact directly with their customers through HelloPeter.com.

HelloPeter.com - Read Reports By Customers

You can view reports submitted by customers in particular locations and for particular branches of a company. You can also look at the league tables section to see which are the top companies in a particular industry.

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