Helium.com is a revenue-sharing writers' site

Helium.com is a site where writers can compete to write articles about a wide variety of topics. The competitive structure of the site encourages writers to continually improve their writing so as to achieve higher rating for their articles, to win regular contests, or to sell their articles to publishers partnered with Helium. Further support is offered through a system of site stewards who mentor writers.

How rating works: All articles on the site are given a rating, which determines where they appear on the site. Higher rated articles will be seen more often and therefore have superior earning potential.

When rating, writers are invited to compare one article to another to decide which is best. Writers within a channel area peer-review each other’s contributions (but not their own) through multiple “A vs B” comparisons. Through an iterative process which weighs many comparisons by many people, content is ranked accordingly. The result is a sorted list of articles on a given subject, each written from an individual viewpoint. The most comprehensive and well-written articles for each topic are presented first to the information-seeker.

Helium shares a portion of advertising revenue with its contributors. Every article which is submitted is an asset which earns revenue for the contributor based on the rank of the article within the topic as well as the revenue potential for the channel. The exact formula for earning income is confidential.


Helium, Inc. was incorporated in December 2005 and the Helium.com web site was launched in October 2006. The management team is lead by Mark Ranalli and funding is lead by Signature Capital.

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