The Helen Moss Breast Cancer Research Foundation Homepage, dedicated to providing information about breast cancer, cancer, holistic medicine, integrative medicine, and alternative medicine to men, women, and physicians in cleveland, northeast ohio, ohio, and the world.


"I feel strongly that it should still be sad but beautiful and hopeful. Happiness and complacency sometimes go together. I believe that breast cancer is still a very serious disease. Because it seems so common, it has diminished the urgency to continue to fight it."

"I like your logo because of the edginess of it and the sense that the woman is seeking protection from something--a feeling that is congruent with the mission to reduce the toxic effects of breast cancer treatment"

"I don't believe there is a woman anywhere, whether or not having had breast cancer, who would not identify with the intensely intimate yet universally powerful emotion conveyed by the woman in the logo."

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