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Heber-Overgaard remains a tranquil mountain community of approximately 2700 year-round residents. With summer temperatures barely topping 85 degrees, our community is a popular summer getaway for folks from warmer parts down south such as Phoenix and Tucson. A mere 2 ½ hours from Phoenix, Heber-Overgaard has managed to retain it’s small-town feel where folks seeking to escape the stresses of hectic city life can visit, unwind and reconnect with family, friends, and nature. Whether you enjoy hunting and fishing, hiking or camping, reading or relaxing, you’re sure to find the right antidote for what ails you in Heber-Overgaard. Heber-Overgaard is located along Highway 260, approximately 55 miles from and 1500 feet higher than Payson. Most of the highway from Phoenix is 4-lane, including a new stretch right through town. Our community offers numerous restaurant and lodging choices, a library (a new, larger one is in the planning and fund-raising stages), churches of various denominations, resident medical, dental and chiropractic offices, two markets, three hardware stores and two sporting goods stores.

We have an elementary school and middle school, and our modern high school has since replaced the rodeo grounds and potato farm that Alva Porter had planted in the early days of Heber’s settlement. Partially ringed by mountains, the school’s large playing fields provide the perfect echoing backdrop for our annual July 4 th Celebration and Fireworks show, which rivals that of even the largest metropolitan displays. Tall Timbers County Park, located just west of the U. S. Forest Service Black Mesa Ranger Station in Overgaard, is a welcoming and lovely spot for our Oktoberfest, Winterfest and July 4 th festivals, and has facilities for handball, racquetball, and baseball, as well as a playground for the children and fully equipped picnic areas.

Still, for all the growth and expansion, Heber–Overgaard is tenaciously clinging to its small-town feel. It is a place where folks you know only by face will wave and start up a conversation; where people wait for an answer when they say “How are you? How’s it going?”

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