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PERSONAL HEALTH SUMMARY: I have Chronic Bi-lateral Sinusitis in my Frontal, Ethmoid, and Maxillary Sinuses. In February and March 2005 I had 22 Amalgam Fillings removed from 13 of my teeth and I am following a very slow detoxification diet. I also have a 3 level Cervical Disc problem (3 Herniations and Degenerative Disc Disease - more on this below). In short I'm doing the best that I can and going through a rollercoaster of illness that leaves me on the downside of what most would consider to be healthy life. My life is miserable so I spend my waking hours when I feel good enough to do it - researching my illnesses and nutrition in the hope it will speed my recovery. I've pretty much given up on all but one doctor. My C6/7 level is completely degenerated, C5/6 level is herniated on the posterior and anterior, and C4/5 has a posterior soft disc herniation. I have undergone corticosteroid injection, and am debating the Facet Joint (aka zygapophyseal Joints) injection followed by denervation of the suspect joints (rhyzolysis).
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