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American Environmental Health & Safety is the most convenient, entertaining, and cost-effective alternative for CPR, 1st Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens, and most other OSHA safety training classes, products, services, consulting, and management. American EHS offers the unique advantage of central management for safety training anywhere in the US, Canada, and Latin America. Look around our site and see some of the unique products and services American EHS offers, and pay special attention to our cost-effective pricing and competitive guarantee!

CardioPulmonary Resuscitation

American EHS offers opportunities for you to learn CPR at home

Learning CPR allows you to potentially save the life of a friend, family member, or co-worker and can stop deaths caused by Heart Attack, Stroke, or Choking. American EHS leads the safety training industry with a variety of practical, affordable, and entertaining ways to learn CPR. The training classes are available throughout the US, Canada, and Latin America. Some of these are:

Bloodborne & Airborne Pathogens

Learn about Blood borne and air Borne pathogens

These are pathogenic microorganisms which exist in blood and other bodily fluids, and can cause disease in humans. They include fatal diseases like HIV and HBV. These diseases can be avoided by observing the concept of Universal Precautions.
Some identified populations at risk include workers in Health care Facilities like Funeral Homes, Construction, Industrial Facilities, Research Laboratories, Linen Services, Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue Operations, Correctional Facilities, Waste Removal, Lifesaving, and personnel Services.

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Natural Disasters

Health provides valuable survival tips for earth quake, storm or a flood

American EHS trains you how to survive in earthquake, flood, storm, or other major disasters, training incorporates information on what steps to take and which supplies to have ready in case of an emergency. Some of the training classes include:


Find out about your legal right to have an Ergonomics Program

On July 3rd, 1997, California adopted the first legal standard to regulate ergonomic compliance in the workplace. Under the new law, all California companies must:

  • Provide work site ergonomic evaluations
  • Publish an Ergonomic Exposure Control Plan
  • Provide training in ergonomics to all employees

American EHS provide a Ergonomics training classes.

First Aid

Health provides extensive First Aid training information and links

American EHS instructors are trained medical professionals who train people in dealing with emergency situations till emergency help arrives. They also guide in quick aid tips for everyday bumps and bruises that aren't really emergencies, but still require care. You can get first aid training.


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