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Largest online Healthcare and Medical Information Portal - Directory service on the internet, an index and guide to alternative medicine, anti-aging, doctors, dentists, hospitals, healthcare and medical information.


The Healthlinks website is the largest complementary World-Wide Directory - Portal Service for healthcare professionals and consumers on the Internet. Our main focus is to assist in the task of locating medical and healthcare information, products, resources, services and practitioners on the World-Wide-Web. We also provide a series of forums for healthcare discussions, a free classifieds ads area, a monthly newsletter containing articles about healthcare, computer and Internet subjects and the largest listing of doctors, dentists and hospitals on the Internet.

What is Healthlinks?

Healthlinks (Net and Com) is an Internet site that provides the energy, cutting-edge information and networking knowledge of a group of volunteer healthcare, Internet and computer experts to bring you healthcare sites on the World-Wide Web. The core of is the largest healthcare specific searchable database on the Internet with over 154,000 links and growing at the rate of up to 5% per month.

Our vision for Healthlinks is one where this site will be your starting point for locating healthcare resources. We pride ourselves that:

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