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Happy Puppy was launched on Valentine's Day 1995, establishing itself as the first-ever commercial games site. It was an overnight success and has been the leading gaming lifestyle publication on the web ever since. Throughout its existence, Happy Puppy has maintained its vast and loyal community by holding fast to its reputation of being a place for today's gamer to get information about the games that matter most. From the time of its inception in 1995, Happy Puppy has evolved into a place for gamers to acquire the freshest files as well as solid information related to the hottest games. That tradition continues with a renewed commitment to our users.

First, it begins with our proprietary FileSwarm technology that allows users to download from Happy Puppy the newest demos, patches, MODs or movies for both PC and console games as they become available much faster then they would from anywhere else.

The second of our core assets is our Library of Games. Located on every page throughout the site, our Library of Games is the single source for everything that we have to offer. In addition to hosting game files and getting them to our users faster, we are gathering editorial from some of the web's finest gaming sites. Each title in our Library of Games is now a gateway to the best reviews, previews, interviews, features and cheats for that particular game.

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