Hammer of Thor Kindred


Welcome to The Hammer Of Thor Kindred! We're located in Walnut Creek California. We are proudly Asatru! Asatru is the Pre-Christian Folk religion of the Northern European and Scandinavian peoples. The members of The Hammer Of Thor Kindred do not practice Wicca, Vana-Tru, Norse-Wicca, Wicca-Tru, or any other politically correct "mixed" religion. We are 100% Northern Heathen in our beliefs, practices, and deeds. We extend the hand of friendship and respect to others that we demand for ourselves. We are "Thorians," which means that Thor is our Patron God, although we turn to the Allfather Woden for guidance and wisdom of the Runes. The Hammer Of Thor Kindred is eager and pleased to share the beauty and knowledge of our beliefs with anyone who is interested whether they be serious students of Asatru or just curious about the Northern path of Norse/Germanic heathenism. The Hammer of Thor Kindred offers the warmth and hospitality of our hearth to anyone. We welcome you and hope that followers of other paths and beliefs will use our Kindred as an opportunity to explore and learn about Asatru and the Gods and Goddesses of our ancient ancestors.


Hammer of Thor Kindred
San Jose CA
US 95128

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