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Our goals for Hacking Linux Exposed, Second Edition were lofty: create a Second Edition that was still standalone, that covers the latest and greatest tools and abuses, and provides the groundwork to make it possible to understand vulnerabilities that will arive in the future. We didn't want a book that was simply a list of bugs in software packages - that would be out of date before it went to print. Instead Hacking Linux Exposed, Second Edition shows you how to understand vulnerabilities in software and configuration that can affect you at anytime, providing numerous explicit examples through both our discussions and functional code.

We've compressed, trimmed, tightened, or in some cases deleted old material to make room for almost 200 pages of new content and three new chapters. We've taken out some sections of the first edition and are making them available on our web page to make way for additional material without sacrificing quality. We have also done some significant rearranging of material. We've placed some of the more common threads of the book, such as buffer overflows and format string attacks earlier in the book. We now have an entire chapter covering Denial of Service attacks, and an entirely new section devoted to actions an attacker will take after compromising your machine. Of course we discuss all the new features available in newer editions of classic hacking tools, as well as coverage of new tools and attacks.

We can't list everything that we cover in Hacking Linux Exposed, Second Edition, but here's a pretty bulleted list to get you started:

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