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Genetic Vaccines and Therapy is an Open Access, peer-reviewed, online journal dedicated to applying new knowledge about genetics in treating human disease

Genetic Vaccines and Therapy is aimed at researchers, clinicians and biotechnologists, worldwide, in the field of gene-based therapy and drug delivery. Examples of current topics of interest include: development of new biocompatible delivery materials, design of effective and safe vectors, exploration of new strategies for targeting drugs, and application of siRNA gene silencing to specific disease therapies. The field of genetic therapy is just beginning to see an increase in interest and applicability in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology community, and we have positioned this journal to meet the needs of workers in this new and highly promising area.

Our goal in creating this new journal was to provide a platform for materials scientists and gene-delivery specialists, to come together with researchers and clinicians to explore new ways of combating disease by using DNA-based therapeutic agents. Traditional gene therapy has been aimed primarily at correcting hereditary problems; our focus is more broad, including the use of gene expression vectors for the endogenous production of factors designed to interfere with a wide range of diseases, including: asthma, viral infection, cancer and Alzheimer's disease. We hope that our efforts will be rewarded by an increased awareness of the tremendous medical potential of gene-based therapeutics, and an accelerated application of these materials to the prevention and treatment of a host of diseases.

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