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Hi! Welcome to! I'm Whiddon Sibdhannie Jr. (you can call me Junior), and I'm the owner of I lived in Linden, Guyana for over a decade before immigrating to the United States.

In early 2002 I decided to create a website where Lindeners and Guyanese could find high quality news, original photos and useful information relating to Linden, Guyana. My goal is to make Linden, Guyana first in your hearts, minds and wallet. This privately funded website has managed over the years to encourage many overseas based Guyanese and foreigners to visit the town, through the showcasing of the best of Linden, Guyana on the world wide web. is a small, tight-knit operation. My cousin Sherwin Goodluck who lives in Linden takes the local photos, puts together the events and networks with officials and personalities to get you the inside scoop. He then transmits the info to me (right in above photo) via email.

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