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This website has been designed with over forty years of firearm experience behind it, not by techies lacking the firearm experience necessary to really help gun buyers and gun sellers. We are using computers and the Internet to help gun buyers and sellers. We are not using gun buyers and sellers to help a computer and Internet business. After a few years of frustration selling and buying guns on other websites it was decided that we could develop a better mouse trap. It is our mission to create the best and easiest to use web site for gun sellers and gun buyers to get together. With the assistance of our long term gun friends and contacts, and their input, we have developed our site. You can rest assured we are here for the long haul. We stand ready, willing and able to assist you, no surprises and no radical changes. This site has been developed with careful thought and a full business commitment, not as a part time interest. We want the most inexperienced internet user to be comfortable with the site and be able to step into using this site without difficulty. This is why our motto is "Bringing Gun Buyers and Sellers together, the Easy Way".
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