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Hello! Some of you think its impossible some do not think. Anyways I tried it. Not building from the scratch, I took the game and the popular MultiplayerModification and created an own MMOG based on GTA San Andreas. Still some features like missions are missing, but I am quite far and the people like it. You can visit a bank, withdraw and set money. Have things like insurrance. But the unique things are the /arena and /races (we call the features by commands). So if some guys join the arena, the others can still stay in the game and play. Same goes for races. Newest features are houses (approx 12000), which are avaible for rent (ingame money only). In this houses you can get free healthregeneration and new guns from under your bed. For everything you do and not do, you get respect. This is the most important currency. With this respect you own areas and get votes for special features, only most respected peoples on the servers get. The website is , would really like to know what you think about my soloution for a GTA MMOG style game. Regards, Jan (DracoBlue)




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Jan Schuetze
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