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Women having fun with guns, thanks...

Since taking this position four years ago, I have received dozens of letters and e-mails accusing the Chronicle of an anti-gun bias, though we publish a weekly Outdoors Section, that caters to hunters. Rare is the e-mail that reads, "Great job, Chronicle, on that gun story."

a story written by Tara Dooley, about women who like to shoot guns for fun. The article, "Straight shooters: More women are picking up guns and joining in on the fun," was an enterprising, slice-of-life look at the growing participation of women in shooting sports over the past 20 years. The e-mailer wrote:

Great article. In today's anti-gun, anti-shooting media culture, it was very brave of you (Dooley) to do this article. I have always believed that the anti-gun groups and anti-gun media would be totally shocked if they actually knew how many women: 1.) Supported their husbands in shooting sports and appreciated the values and respect for nature that their children learned from hunting or, 2.) Were actually involved in shooting sports or hunting themselves ... I don't believe shooting sports are for everyone; I believe it is a personal choice. I don't appreciate the anti-hunting and anti-gun groups forcing their opinion on others. They won't admit it, but that is exactly what they wish to do ... Oh, well, that's life. Keep up the good work.

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