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Trilegiant Corporation is the premier membership-based provider of travel, shopping, health, auto, entertainment, and consumer protection services. Through our products and services, we offer exceptional values, savings, convenience, and protection to our customers. Require further assistance? Choose from the additional "help" areas listed below.
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Don't sign up for!! We signed up for the free trial, and cancelled within the first 2 weeks...and we are STILL being charged by Great Fun! Every month, charges our card $11.99 even though we cancelled. When we tried cancelling at the first, they said that they couldn't find our membership number or information even though we had already received it in the mail. Then when we cancelled, they did their best to convince us of all the savings we'd be receiving if we would just try, but we said no and got out cancellation code, which she didn't give us at the first...we had to keep asking for it.

Don't ever let them email the cancellation won't happen. But even with the code, we are still being charged by!!

Bottom line...don't sign up with Great Fun Online...and check your credit card statements VERY carefully! They use different names like Cool Extras.

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