This is GRANGE HILL ONLINE, an unofficial site celebrating the legendary BBC1 school drama series GRANGE HILL! From Tucker Jenkins to Baz Wainwright, Trisha Yates to Emma Bolton, GH Online covers all aspects of the series from its launch in 1978 to the present day. Here you'll find a goldmine of facts, features, pics and video clips. So whether you're 13 or 30, 8 or 80, there's something here for YOU!

GH Online is YOUR site, and suggestions are always welcome! If you like the site tell your friends; if you don't tell us. Either way we'd love to hear from you. For best results view at 800x600; have fun and happy surfing!

But if it's the characters you want to read about there are two ways to do this; THE KNOW profiles the current GH gang...

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