GourmetPakistan.com is largest foods chain in Pakistan.


"Gourmet Foods Pakistan” is the largest food retail chain of Pakistan. It is based for its traditional foods and passion for eating. With our 7 processing units and 98 sales outlets in Lahore and more in Faisal Abad we outreach to a huge population for their food needs.

The company has shown an explosive annual growth of more than 25 % in its business since 1987, when Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Chatha started this unique business with only one sale outlet. With his commitment and strenuous effort to provide the consumers with best quality food products in a convenient and unmatched displaying manner, Gourmet has become a success story of business growth in Pakistan.

In pursuit of our continuing efforts to provide our consumers with maximum range of quality products we are doing backward integration for the provision of best quality raw materials for our products. In this regard setting up a self-milk collection system and a dairy plant for the production of raw cheese and khoya (the two main raw materials of all sweet products) is our new move. Constructing a start-of-the-art bakery plant, where the facility and systems are being set up to meet all the requirements of food safety system ‘HACCP”. Extending our retail outlets in Lahore and other cities of Pakistan to outreach the awaiting consumers all over the country.

Providing best services as third party retailer to sell innovative food products to be sold out at our outlets.

A beverage plant with the latest available technology to produce all kinds of carbonated soft drinks will be in production in March 2007. We are adding a purified bottled water plant using the highest standard of quality. We are planning to add a juice bottling plant to meet our requirements at our own out lets and the entire market.We produce and sell all kinds of breads, buns, rusks, cookies, biscuits, cakes, pastries, pizzas, patties, meat rolls, vegetable rolls, sandwiches, hotdogs, nimko and doughnuts etc. In sweets, (traditional milk based Pakistani sweet products) we deal in all sorts of traditional products like burfi, chum chum, gulab jaman, rassgulla, patisa, jalebee, amrati, ladoo and rass malai etc. We dedicate our shelves for retail of products like juices, soft drinks, pickles, jams and jellies, dairy products, ice creams and desserts, baby formulas, canned vegetables and fruits, drinking water and cereal products from the world leading brands.

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