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Pietrasanta,(lu)Italy Photo:

Hello !!...Ciao-Hi-Ola-Salut

 I'm Sculpting here in Italy... Making Figurative Candles 

Setting up my Studio ModelDesigne Jjw Look me up & check out some of my pages...I think will sell very well....I can team up with others

who make small orders....I can give 50% Cheaper .. You can Make Profit 

as I'm the only WaxSculptor Doing such things...Fun too.......

 Over the years I have perfected the Techniques & Developed them for use
in fields such as the Restoration of Sculptures & Antiques,

also innovative materials such as Plastics & Silicones. I'm continuously Developing New Innovative Techniques for use in these fields,

as for the development of New Materials. Mould-Making = IS: 

The process that permits the perfect reproduction of different materials of any Three-Dimensional Object. (clay, plaster, wax, bronze. Silver, plastic etc.) Areas of Interest: I would like to make use of my knowledge of mould-making, restoration in areas such as Anthropology, Archaeology & Zoology. My expertise of working with clay, plaster, wax, plastics & materials which I have developed, can be used in different spheres such as: (creation of missing parts, plaster cornices, low & high relief, copies from original pieces,) but also in fields such as Interior Design & Ornamental Plastics. In view that I have already made use of the extraordinary properties of Plaster & Wax, in Projects such as the making of Protoype Furniture, Elements of Decor. I believe it would be of Great Interest to collaborate with professionals such as : Architects,Interior Designers, Stage,SetDesign,Moda,Stilisti (Models).

ORNAMENTAL PLASTICS - Projects realised in 3D or relief :Interior Design 

for the Nautical Sector-Yachts & Luxury Boats;Furnishings; Fittings;Gadgetry; Creation of objects 3d in gold, silver, brass, bronze, plastics, . Applications of 3D or relief creations to Sector:Food, Beverage, Cosmetics etc....

I have the possibility of creating a mould from the original prototype 

from which neither retouching or refinishing is required. Especially Economical

for Large Quantities ModelDesigne
I'm from London ! live & work in Italy !Toscana, Pietrasanta.
Started to Travel again,look to share good times with new Interesting Cleaver
Wise Helpfull People ! I'm Working on my creative pieces ! I try to use the site
to meet people ! As I make sexy things too !Prints-Sculpture-ect.
Made several Female Sculptures & will continue working on them for the making
of my Candle's! I never got to use a live model yet !! mainly use photos 

from sexy albums !! ect !! one could call me a free Spirited Artist  !! Happy so Smile.... www.Candele.Me www.3XD.Mobi www.3XD.Biz www.3XD.IT www.3XD.ME www.O-K.ME www.Sincero.Me



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