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Good-Tutorials got its start in August of 2002 when it launched on an obscure subdomain with the name of "Photoshop Design". It enjoyed modest success for a few months, and then in December of 2002 I made the plunge and started updating the site with daily tutorials. Needless to say, it was a fortunate decision. The fledging little site starting gaining in popularity as the major graphic websites and forums started talking about it.

In February of 2003 it grew up and got its own domain, It started to grow explosively from there. By the summer of 2003 it needed its own dedicated server. In November of 2003 Good-Tutorials underwent its first real redesign. Throughout 2004 it continued its growth and refined its methodology.

The summer of 2005 demanded a change, however. The process started in May and finished in early September. This new version, dubbed version 3.0, was a complete rebuild. The only thing kept was the database, and even that underwent a lot of changes. It migrated from a PHP/MySQL solution to a J2EE/MySQL solution, with a Ajax-powered backend.




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