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Our Directory is based on the Calendar of Events. It's designed to be fun and informative as we keep you up to date with all the National Holidays. If you like games, jokes, recipes, tips, History, Holiday fun, articles, fun facts, homemaking, crafts, videos or music, then you can bet there's a Day-long Observance for each of them. We invite you to Have Fun each and every Calendar Day!

It's National Month Of? It's National Week Of? It's National Day Of?


Pamela & Stephen here! We're glad you stopped by to learn about us and our website. One of us has to do the talking so I guess that will be me. My name is Pam and I was born and raised in Alabama, United States. My hubby was born and raised on the Island of Tasmania, in Australia. We actually met each other on the Internet if you can believe that. ha ha ha ha! If you would like to read our story just go to our "About Us" page and it will tell you all about our Internet romance. smileeeeee

Why the website? Well you see I love art and I love creating and I really wanted to know more about how to build a website. My curiosity got the best of me and before I knew it I stated creating a website full of all the things that I loved. Things like gardening, herbs & plants, food & recipes, Holidays & Fun. I didn't have a real subject matter so I thought, but after looking over the site I noticed that every single page related to the Calendar in some way. Yep everything that I loved was related to a National Holiday. Whammmm! There it was. My website was a Directory based on the Calendar of Events.

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