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Since its creation in 1995, Golf Link has been the most complete online golf resource available on the web. With a host of useful information valuable to golfers of all abilities, Golf Link is the ultimate one-stop shop for every golfer, from duffer to pro. With our award-winning travel section (awarded a Forbes Magazine "Best of the Web" for golf travel in 2005), our professional golf tips and instruction articles, our comprehensive coverage of golf courses and golf resorts, reviews of new golfing products and equipment, and much more, Golf Link provides it all.

Our dedicated team is made up of golf enthusiasts with a wide range of experience in project management, web development, information technology, digital content, and customer service. We also work with a host of contributors, including professional golfers, top golf instructors, and well-known golf travel writers, who all provide timely articles and unique content of particular value to the golfing community.




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