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As a Health Advisor with Take Shape for Life my job is to help you reach your health goals. Our first priority is to be your support system, when you have questions, concerns or need moral support; we are here to help you succeed. I have dedicated myself to learning and have experience with hundreds of people who have used Medifast with my help to lose weight, improve health, diabetic diets and sports enhancement. With this experience I would love to help you too.

Mae Blanchard is a Health Advisor with Take Shape For Life, a subsidiary of Medifast, Inc. Mae, as your Health Advisor with her goHealth team, provides weight loss and disease management solutions. Medifast with Take Shape for Life, features high quality Medifast meal replacement products that address various wellness issues including weight management, disease management, weight maintenance, diet for diabetics, and sports performance. The Medifast philosophy is Meal Replacement. The more meals you replace, the more weight you lose.

goHealth's independent Health Advisor is Mae Blanchard. Her caring and positive, encouraging attitude and knowledge about wellness issues and the Medifast product line is a part of why this weight loss program has been successful to so many. She will educate, support, and assist you in attaining a healthier lifestyle. Working with Mae and her team at goHealth as a coach and mentor is the first step in helping you optimize your health for the rest of your life. A Health Institute of top-notch medical practitioners led by Dr. Wayne Andersen directs a virtual clinic that every Health Advisor learns from, updating his or her knowledge to the very latest in methodologies and product information. Every advisor goes through extensive training and testing to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge to help patients improve their health. Mae is dedicated to providing the highest quality meal replacement products and support to her customers.

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