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The Japanese Institute of Global Communications (J.I.GLOCOM) attempts to provide a virtual place, namely, the GLOCOM Platform (, and exchange views with their counterparts overseas on issues relating to Japan's domestic and international affairs. It is also intended to check and correct misunderstandings or misinformation about Japan as reported overseas in a timely manner.

Topics to be covered are not restricted to any particular field, but ranging from international relations to politics, economics, information technology, and occasionally social and cultural issues. Our activities include not only online web postings of articles, videos and newsletters, but also offline seminars and and forums held in Japan as well as overseas.

There are many English language forums for the expression of opinions and critiques by non-Japanese on national and international affairs as they impact Japan, and on Japanese culture and society, but comparatively few opportunities for English speakers to gain access to such opinions and perspectives from native Japanese. The central reasons for this imbalance are language differences and the lack of access by many non-Japanese to news in English of daily events or current issues in Japan. The goal of the GLOCOM Platform is to clear these barriers by widely disseminating in English the perspectives of Japanese social critics, academics, businesspersons, government officials, mass media, and other experts using the Internet.

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