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Global Information Infrastructure Commission


The GIIC Mission Statement

The Global Information Infrastructure Commission is a confederation of chief executives and other officers of business firms engaged in the development, manufacture, deployment, operation, modernization, financing, and use of services and products based upon information and communications technologies. These executives head enterprises headquartered throughout the world and, as GIIC commissioners, are convinced that ICT-based capabilities have given rise to a rapidly evolving new era, denoted most frequently as an “information society,” and widely regarded as one that transcends borders and is an increasingly powerful force in all societies. As such, they acknowledge and are dedicated, through the instrumentality of the GIIC, to fulfilling the essential role that must be played by the private sector (by virtue of its technological, human, and financial resources) to foster development of an information society that is sustainable, equitable, and enhances the economic and social well-being of people everywhere.

Toward these ends, the GIIC mission is to (1) advocate the promulgation, adoption, and enforcement of responsive public policies; (2) convene forums within which to address public policy challenges and different approaches thereto; (3) collaborate with other sectors of society; (4) conduct formal studies; and (4) publish and in other ways share and disseminate the conclusions of its deliberations and research.




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