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Welcome to the Web's largest and most comprehensive supernatural community! The story of begins in the autumn of 1999 when writer Jeff Belanger was looking for a place to reprint two newspaper articles he had written on the supernatural for a Connecticut newspaper. The first version of included six Web pages and went live October 31, 1999. In the early days, we posted a message that said, "Send us your own ghost encounter stories." We received a new encounter every six to eight weeks and were thrilled to post them. Soon we add a message thread where people could communicate with each other, and the site grew. Today we still receive ghost encounters from people all over the world, only now they come in every six to eight hours. We receive an average of more than five million hits per month, and what was six Web pages is now thousands. Our community grew from a few people to tens of thousands of "Ghostvillagers" from all over the globe.

Our mission is to openly discuss ghost research and evidence. is the place where paranormal investigators, those who have encountered a ghost or spirit, people curious about the paranormal, and even skeptics come to share views. Though we may not agree with all of the ideas posted on the site, we do welcome all viewpoints.

Jeff Belanger still runs with the help of a great team of message board moderators. He's the author of multiple books on haunted places and the supernatural (with several more on the way), and is a lecturer on the subject at conferences and speaking engagements around the country. He's been a guest on more than 40 radio programs and has been featured on television programs related to haunted places.

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