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Free Email tracking service. Instantly track emails. Find out when & where recipients read your sent emails. Receive email message read receipts.



Would you like to know whether or not your email was read? Do you want to find out how many times your email has been read by the recipient? Do you want to find out from which country your recipient has opened your email? Do you want to get an email read notification as soon as your sent email gets opened? If the answer to the above questions is a big YES, you definitely need to join is an Email Tracking system that sends you an Email read notification as soon as the recipient opens and reads your sent Email. It is the best service for email read notifications in which your privacy is never compromised. There are other Email Tracking services available on internet, but most of them require you to send your email through their mail server, so your email privacy is compromised. But this is not the case with Here you send your emails directly from your computer to your recipient’s mail server. All you need to do is to get a tracking image from GetNotify and put it in your email before sending it and you are done!

The best thing about GetNotify is that their Email Tracking technique is invisible to the recipient. Your recipient will not know that you have sent a tracked email.

How it works?

The idea behind GetNotify’s Email Tracking service is straightforward. In order to send a tracked email, you need to sign-in to your GetNotify’s online account and get a tracking image. After that you need to paste it in your email and send your email to the recipient. The trick is that the tracking image actually resides at GetNotify’s webserver and only a link to the image is pasted in your email.

So whenever your sent email gets read by the recipient, a request to download image is sent to GetNotify’s server, along with recipient’s IP Address (through which GetNotify informs you about the geographical location of recipient), Web Browser and Operating System information etc. The Email recipient will not be able to see the tracking image because whenever a request is sent to GetNotify’s webserver to download a tracking image, it returns an extremely small white colored image of size 1 x 1 pixel!

The general limitation for GetNotify’s and any other Email Tracking service is that your recipient must use html email instead of plain text email. Nowadays most of the people use html emails instead of plain text email. The Email Tracking service relies on downloading of tracking image; it cannot track emails if the recipient uses plain text email. In such a case, the image does not get downloaded from GetNotify’s server and even though, recipient opens and reads the Email, but the Email Tracking service will be unable to track it. Also if the recipient uses html emails, but he/she has blocked images by default in incoming emails, in this case email is not tracked either. In case of GetNotify, email sender also needs to use html email.

In general, GetNotify is best FREE email tracking service which sends you email read notification as soon as your sent email gets opened by the recipient.

So Join and Enjoy!

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